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When it comes to modern mentalism, hypnotism is a must have skill. Understanding hypnosis is not only useful for stage hypnotism but the skills are used throughout your show. Derren Brown practised hypnotism before he was ever a magician or mentalist. He has used hypnosis to create amazing effects both on TV and in his live shows.

I have trawled the internet looking for the best hypnosis trainings available for mentalists and here are the very best:

1. How To Spot A Liar

Correctly identifying deception is useful in a whole host of tricks. You can use lie detection to put on a show at a party or in the street or use the skills as part of a wider routine.

This 1 hr DVD teaches you the methods the experts use to spot lies:

  • Observe Eye Patterns
  • Muscle Testing
  • Detect Fake Smiles
  • Hear Voice Changes

The DVD includes a hypnosis session which programmes lie detection into your unconscious mind and examples of celebrities lying.

At the minute the DVD is on sale for only $14 and also comes with a 1 yr money back guarantee. It is definitely worth a look if you want to improve your lie detection skills.

Buy How To Spot a Liar Here

2. How to Hypnotize Anyone

The techniques in this DVD will allow you to hypnotise people 1-on-1 or in groups. You will be able to hypnotise friends at home or parties or put on a hypnotism show.

The fundamentals of hypnosis are taught in this 2 hr DVD including inductions, suggestions, language patterns, suggestibility tests, hypnotic voice training, rules of the mind and post-hypnotic suggestions.

The DVD is 70% off at the minute ($14) so now is the time to buy.

Buy How To Hypnotize Anyone Here

3. Hypnosis Downloads – FREE Course

Hypnosis Downloads by Uncommon Knowledge

This course is available from hypnosisdownloads.com and contains:

  • 5 Email Lessons
  • 5 MP3 Audio Lessons
  • Worksheet Download
  • Trance Script
  • Monthly Newsletter

Hypnosis Downloads is a site run by professional hypnotherapist trainers with many years of experience. If you want a free course to introduce you to hypnosis and learn the basics this is it.

Grab Hypnosis Downloads FREE Course Here

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