Quick Tips: Trick Yourself into Feeling Confident


What’s the number 1 thing a mentalist needs? That’s right, confidence. You can have numerous tricks up your sleeve but if you don’t sell them people are going to get bored fast…

The good news is behaviourists have found a simple way to boost your confidence using body language. Your body language conveys how you feel to others but guess what? It also conveys the same information to you! If you let your shoulders slump, make nervous movements and make yourself small your brain gets the message – ‘I don’t feel confident’. It’s a negative feedback cycle!

The way to break out of it is simple, just do it! Correct your body language :) If you catch yourself slipping into negative body language – use confident body language and your brain will get the message – hey I’m feeling confident right now! So what does confident body language look like? You know it when you see it: Standing tall, shoulders back, making yourself big, if your sitting down spreading out a little, putting arms behind your head, smiling!

Confident and non confident body lanagauge is written into our programming. If you take a look at monkeys their body language is very similar to humans, the difference we have is we can take a higher level of conscious control. So while monkeys automatically adopt certain body language based on their social status we can override our programming and trick ourselves into feeling confident whenever we like. Give it a try :)

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