Mentalist Memory Techniques: Peg System

This is pt 2. of the current mnemonics series. The peg system allows you to remember things by linking them to ‘pegs’ in your mind. The ‘pegs’ are items you have already memorised which are themselves linked to numbers.

The beauty of the peg system is that once you have memorised the pegs once, that’s it. You can then use them whenever you like. In this article we will look at a simple peg system which you can learn in 10 minutes. I found this video which neatly explains a peg system which allows you to quickly memorise a 10 item list.

In the video the guy uses pegs which rhyme with the numbers so they are easy to remember. He also uses clear images to help the girl remember them. The following pegs are used:

  1. Bun
  2. Shoe
  3. Tree
  4. Door
  5. Hive
  6. Sticks
  7. Heavan
  8. Gate
  9. Line
  10. Hen

Why not use the same pegs? Use the visualisation methods described in the video to remember them.

To link the pegs to the items on a list you must create an image. The image should link the 2 items together and be unusual. Again the guy does a great job in doing this.

Once you have memorised the pegs practise by making a list of 10 items and linking them to the pegs. Then practise with friends and an attractive girl if you can find one! You should be able to recall the items in any order :)

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