Mentalist Memory Techniques: Link Method

mentalism techniques: link method

If you are serious about becoming a mentalist you need to get your memory in shape. This article shows you the link method which is essential to know for many mentalism tricks. This is pt 1 in a series of posts on mnemonics. Learn this technique then move on :)

Link Method

Using the link method you can take a list of items and remember them in order in next to no time. The more you practise, the better you get :) In this exercise we take 20 items and memorise them in order. Try doing that without using a memory technique – impossible. You could try with part of this list if you like or go for the whole 20 if you want the practise.

The link method is based on creating vivid images in the minds eye. The weirder the images are, the easier they are to remember. Here are some other tips on creating mental images that are easy to remember:

  1. Picture the items out of proportion
  2. Give the image action
  3. Exaggerate the amount of items
  4. Substitute the item

The objects are:

carpet, paper, bottle, bed, fish, chair, window, mobile phone, cigarette, nail, keyboard, shoe, microphone, pen, TV, plate, donut, car, coffee pot, and brick.

Firstly, get a picture of some carpet in your minds eye. Make it some carpet that is familiar to you for example the carpet in your hallway.

Now we are going to link the carpet to the next item, the paper, in an image. Try to make the image as strange as possible. For instance you could picture the carpet in your hall made from paper. See yourself walking on it, hear it loudly crinkle under foot. You could also picture yourself writing on a piece of carpet, feel the frustration as its virtually impossible to write on!

You may need to close your eyes at first to get a clear image in your mind. Once you have the picture clearly in your mind forget it and move on.

You have now put the previous image completely out of your mind. The next 2 items to link are paper and bottle. Again, make a ridiculous image linking them. For example you could picture yourself reading a huge bottle instead of a paper or writing on a huge bottle. You could picture a bottle pouring out paper or a bottle made of paper. As soon as an image comes to mind picture it vividly then move on.

Next link bottle and bed. Picture yourself lying in a huge bottle or taking a drink from a bed :) Get the image clearly then put it out of your mind and move on.

Bed and fish. See a giant fish sleeping in your bed :)

Fish and chair: You are out fishing but instead of fish there are chairs swimming round.

Chair and window: See yourself sitting on a pin of glass or violently throwing chairs through a glass window.

Window and mobile phone: Your mobile phone is a huge window, how are you going to fit that in your pocket?!

Mobile phone and cigarette: You are smoking your mobile phone or you’re holding a massive cigarette to your ear and speaking into it as if it were a phone.

Cigarette and nail: You are hammering a lit cigarette into the wall

Nail and keyboard: You are hammering a big nail through a keyboard or all your keys have been replaced by big nails!

Keyboard and shoe: See yourself wearing keyboards instead of shoes or typing on shoes.

Shoe and microphone: Your the singer in a rock band, the microphone has been replaced by a shoe.

Microphone and pen: Your writing with a microphone or talking into a giant pen.

Pen and TV: See a million pens streaming out of your TV!

TV and plate: See yourself eating off a flatscreen TV instead of a plate.

Plate and donut: See yourself biting into a donut but as you bite it it cracks and you realise its a plate!

Donut and car: There’s a big donut driving down the street in a car.

Car and coffee pot: You are driving a giant coffee pot down the street :)

Coffee pot and brick: See yourself pouring a mug of coffee from a brick.

That’s it! Its quite a long list but if you have pictured the images vividly you should be able to remember them no problem. Give it a try. For some people, thinking of crazy images is a bit harder than for others but using the tips should help.

Get practising the link method with other lists. See if you can remember a list of items your friends give you. This is an important method. We will move on to other cool memory techniques and practical applications for mentalists in the next in the series.

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