Wanna Mess With People’s Minds?

With These Mentalism And Mind Reading Books You Can

Imagine going to a party where you can confidently approach anyone. Within a few minutes of meeting complete strangers you have amazed them with mind reading and mentalism tricks. You have people laughing, screaming, amazed and confused as to what has just happened. People are calling you over to meet their friends ‘you have to meet this guy!’

A person’s mind is a private place. If you can seemingly reach inside and know what someone is thinking it freaks them out, their jaws drop.

What Top Mentalists Know

You have probably seen footage of Dynamo. Dynamo used to be the victim of school bullies, now he travels the world performing magic and mentalism at A list celebrity parties. Do you think Dynamo has special powers? Of course not. Everything he knows he learned from study.

Derren Brown used to be a geek with no fashion sense. He used to be into religion and lack social skills. Now he is an international superstar. He has had his own TV series, performs live for thousands each year and lives a life of luxury in London. Derren Brown started learning hypnosis then magic and mentalism while he was at uni. He began performing for friends and in cafes.

You have seen great mentalists like Dynamo, Criss Angel, David Blaine, Derren Brown and you wonder how they do it. You want to perform like them.

A Master Mentalist

An all time master mentalist is Theo Annemann. His work is a cornerstone of modern mentalism. A collection of his best tricks and techniques is Practical Mental Magic.

Practical Mental Magic

In Practical Mental Magic you learn:

  • Amazing money and card mentalism
  • Book tests
  • Mind reading tricks
  • Techniques which can be performed anywhere and require few or no props (there are instructions on how to easily make props you do need)
  • Easy to advanced techniques

There are hundreds of tricks to choose from. You will probably never need all the tricks in this book.

Another masterpiece by Annemann is Annemann’s Complete One Man Mental and Psychic Routine.

Annemann's One Man Mental And Psychic Routine

It contains:

  • Full 20-30 min routine
  • Step by step instructions through each part including mind reading, book tests and phone tests
  • Detailed explanations of every step

How To Develop a Super Power Memory is written by a memory expert and is one of the best books on memory techniques ever written.

How To Develop A Super Power Memory

  • Develop memory skills and perform dazzling memory feats
  • Create a lasting impression by remembering names, faces, facts and figures

Memory skills are essential for mentalists but are barely taught in the modern education system. Get the edge by developing your memory.

Approach strangers anywhere and amaze with your mentalism and mind reading skills.


I can download these files from an illegal torrent site… Is it really worth spending all that time searching, downloading, checking if its the correct file and risking trojans and other computer viruses for this price?

I don’t have time to read all 3 books right now… Pick a few tricks and build your routine from there. With just a few tricks you can be performing. Once you have mastered those try a few more, there are tons to choose from.

I’m not bothered about having a great memory… Try a few of the tips in ‘super power memory’ and you will astound yourself. Think of the possibilities for mentalism and beyond.

I checked the books on Amazon and the covers look different… These are our exclusive editions, the content is the same as originally published.

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  • Supercharge your memory

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