Dynamo Magician Impossible Series 2 Review

Everyone’s favourite young street magician is at it again. Here’s the Mentalism Skills review of Magician Impossible Series 2:

Magician Impossible Series 2 is a 4 part series which was recently shown on Watch. In a similar vein to Magician Impossible Series 1, Dynamo travels the UK, Europe and the Americas performing magic on the street and for celebs. He mixes close up magic, mentalism and large scale illusions, always bringing an element of surprise and fun.

The show was integrated with social media with the hashtag #WatchDynamo and Dynamo answered questions after each show. There’s also an app with exclusive content.

The Shows

Ep 1

Episode 1 sees Dynamo in London. He hilariously makes his hands too hot to touch so people won’t shake hands with him. Then he uses his ‘hot hands’ to melt glass in a clothing warehouse. He’s also up to his old tricks doing crazy coin magic and putting phones in glass bottles.

Over in Venice Dynamo performs at the World Poker Tour where he meets a group of fans and blows them away with some card magic. He then does a series of card predictions on a top poker player demonstrating why he’s not allowed to enter the world series.

Dynamo’s big illusions in this show were flying through the air like superman in a club and disappearing out his tracksuit in a sports shop.

My favourite trick is the prediction in the pub though. Back in Bradford Dynamo is in his gran’s local. A woman from the pub throws 3 darts at a dartboard and Dynamo reveals he has predicted the throws with 100% accuracy on the next dart board. Great stuff :)

Ep 2

During the filming of show 1 Dynamo’s Grandad sadly passes away. Dynamo needs to get away so for episode 2 he heads to Rio after a bit of a break from magic to mourn his Grandad’s passing.

No-one knows him in Rio and the added element of surprise makes this a great show. He is vanishing things and making them reappear in some seemingly impossible places. He does a lot of tricks for kids on the street and in the favellas like making popcorn appear in his hands and passing coins through kids’ hands.

The stuff in the favellas is quite touching as Dynamo has grown up in a rough area himself so has a connection with the people there in that respect. He does a really cool prediction here too making a girl win at bingo :)

Dynamo is enjoying his levitations in this episode. Standing near the beach he levitates off a bench, he floats a football off the ground and for a big climax he levitates, Christ-like in front of the Christ The Redeemer statue.

Ep 3

For episode 3 Dynamo is up to his old tricks in the US. There is quite a bit of mentalism type stuff in this episode. The highlight for me is when a couple rip a bunch of postcards in half. They then choose 1 each randomly, they’re the same then, Dynamo re-seals the postcard and also makes it written to a friend of the girls.

He also does a prediction involving a table, some salt and Elvis and does some crazy stuff to some guys involving playing cards that are seemingly as heavy as a car.

Ep 4

In episode 4 Dynamo does some cool magic for legendary musician Damon Albarn. Put it this way I hope he had a light lunch. His time prediction is absolutely brilliant getting clocks on a main square to change to the exact time 2 girls both choose on their watches.

That’s one impressive illusion. Others include passing through a solid steel fence, and for the finale making a 10,000/1 prediction.


Dynamo has a number of problems going into this series. He is now a celebrity in his own right in the UK and a lot of people have seen his best effects. He addresses the problem of people recognising him by getting away and the episode in Rio was my favourite episode. The other problem he addressed by coming up with many new effects and interesting variations of previously performed material.

In terms of his mind magic and mentalism type stuff he is really impressive. Especially in episode 3 there is quite a bit of mind magic. I am not so much a fan of some of the levitations like walking down a building. While it looks good it is obviously done with wires so its more the technical expertise that’s impressive rather than Dynamo’s skills. Having said that his ability to perform big illusions in the blink of an eye like when he vanishes is fantastic.


Dynamo Magician Impossible Series 2 Review on August 22, 2012 rated 4.5 of 5

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Dynamo Magician Impossible Series 2 Review on August 22, 2012 rated 4.5 of 5