It’s Like Having A Superpower


Here is a technique to explode the power of your memory. You will not believe how simple it is. Learn and apply it you won’t believe the results. Use this technique to memorise routines, anecdotes, jokes and to perform amazing feats of memory.

So what’s the technique? It involves using Key Words. A Key Word is a single word or phrase which sums up a thought. Look at the method for remembering a speech below and all will become clear.

The Key Word technique is used with the Link System and the Peg System. If you are not familiar with those techniques read up on them here > Link System : Peg System

Great, you’re now familiar with the Link and Peg System, let’s dive in!

How to Remember a Speech

  • Write out the speech in full.
  • Run through the speech a few times to get the gist of it.
  • Get a piece of paper and write down Key Words for each thought in the speech. A Key Word can be a single word or a short phrase. There should be a word or phrase in each sentence or paragraph which brings to mind the whole thought. That is the Key Word you need to write down.
  • Write down the full list of Key Words, one for each thought.
  • If you want to and its possible use the list of Key Words when giving the speech.
  • If you need to recall the speech from memory you need to memorise the Key Words using the link system. Using the link system you visually link together the Key Words, the first with the second, the second with the third etc.

At first you may need a number of words for each thought. Use as many as you need, once you gain confidence with the technique you will only need one keyword for each thought. Focus on the thoughts and the words will take care of themselves.

If you need to remember the speech word for word use the same technique. However you will need to go over the speech and Key Words more times.

Remember Scripts, Jokes, Stories and Anecdotes

The same system of linking Key Words can be used for remembering scripts. In this case
it is usually necessary to memorize them word for word. You will have to go over them more often, but the Key Word idea will make it much easier for you.

You can also apply the technique for jokes, stories and anecdotes. Just take one word from the story, a word from the punch line is usually best, that will bring the entire joke to mind. When you get your Key Words, you can either link them to each other to remember all the stories in sequence, or use the Peg System to remember them by number.

Amazing Feat Of Memory

You can also use the Key Word technique to perform feats of memory for an audience. A great trick to perform is memorising a magazine. To do this you will need to combine the Key Word technique with the Peg System.

  • Memorise what’s on each page go through the magasine before the show. To do this get a Key Word from each page then associate it to the peg for the page number.
  • Give out copies of a magazine to the audience and ask them to call out page numbers. You can tell them what’s on each page, for instance if its an article about a footballers wife you would say that, if its an advert for bingo you would say that.

True Memory

These techniques are systems for assisting true memory. As you use the systems you’ll find your true memory getting stronger. The best example of this is in memorising a magazine. To make the associations in the first place, you must really see and observe the picture on the page. Because of this, when any page number is called, the peg word for that number acts as an aid so you can almost reproduce the entire page in your mind’s eye. You will know on what part of the page the picture is located. Prove this to yourself – give it a try!

I hope you found this article useful. If you haven’t already don’t forget to subscribe to the free mentalism course. Best wishes.

Credit: Super Power Memory, Harry Lorrayne

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Mind Reading Trick – The Centre Tear

A classic of mind reading is the ‘centre tear’. With a centre tear you can deduce information a spectator has written. You get the spectator to write or draw something on a piece of paper then covertly tear out that section and secretly take a look at it. Here is a centre tear method you can try:

For this trick you need a ‘billet’ (piece of paper or card) roughly 7cmx7cm, a pencil and a cigarette lighter.

Step 1: Pre-fold the billet into 4 equal quarters like so:

center tear

Step 2: Draw an elipse in the middle about 4cm across

center tear2

Step 3: Hand the volunteer a pencil. Ask him to think of a name clearly in his mind and print it on the middle of the paper.

Step 4: Once he has done that ask him to fold the billet back up like it was before. Once folded show everyone there is no way you could see through the paper.

Step 5: You are now going to tear the billet. Place it so the circle is between your thumb and index finger and tear it out. Now tear off another third. Rip the remainder of the billet again and again, placing the torn off piece at the bottom of the pile each time.

Step 6: Slip the centre into your right hand and transfer the other pieces into your left hand. Focus everyone’s attention on your left hand at this point.

Step 7: Now place the pieces of paper in your left hand into an ashtray. Reach into your right hand pocket where you have the lighter and at the same time you get the lighter, drop the centre piece of paper into your pocket.

Step 8: Show everyone the lighter, making sure everyone can see there is nothing in your right hand, then light the papers in the ashtray.

Step 9: As the papers begin to burn turn away and say ‘I won’t look in case it becomes visible’. Now secretly reach in your pocket, grab the paper and take a quick look.

Step 10: Perform a mind read on the volunteer to reveal what was written.

This trick requires quite a bit of practise to get the sleight of hand and misdirection right. Make sure you have practised it plenty before your first performance :)

Magic And Mentalism Festival King’s Arms Salford

Eggs Sausage Peas (ESP)

I arrived at the King’s Arms to be welcomed by a silver faced man organising the Ghost tour!

It was a 1 hr show based on the Egg Sausage Peas show which is 2 hrs.

I have checked the web for Jonathan Royle and some of the comments on forums are less than complimentary but I hadn’t checked before and this hadn’t coloured my view of the show.

I thought the show was great. The audience was not that large but was attentive and enthusiastic.

The Show

Got started with some comedy warm up tricks eg. ‘can you guess what word I am going to predict?’ No – pulls out card with No on. A lady picked a celebrity which was Simon Cowell and Jonathan Royle pulls out 3 cards with pictures of babies on then picture of Simon Cowell, which was an impressive prediction.

A guy was asked up on stage for a card prediction. A deck of cards tied by an elastic band were thrown out and 3 members of the audience including me looked at a card each. I had 10 of clubs.

Jonathan chose 1 card to write down and the audience member rang a friend who chose the other 2.

Jonathan wrote 3 numbers on a card and read them out then asked us each to sit down individually if our card had been read out. One by one we all sat down.

5 stars: 5 members of the audience were chosen to get up on stage and they had to choose masks with celebrity faces on. The faces were then matched up with favourite colours but in the reveal we saw the trick had gone wrong.

Next was a trick on the power of positive thinking. Quite a big guy was selected to sit on a chair and the other 4 members of the audience tried to lift him with 2 fingers put together. They tried with signs around their necks on which was written at first negative emotions then positive emotions, and with the positive signs the man was lifted off his chair.

This was followed by a trick where one of the audience selects a number 1-6, a spike is placed on that number under a cup and a dice is rolled to decide which cups were to be smashed using only bare hands. After one of the earlier tricks had gone wrong this one was a bit nerve wracking!

There were a few more tricks which went well including predicting a cartoon character from a book and predicting a date written on the bottom of a tray.

Luca Volpe

The Show

  • A member of the audience had to choose between 2 cards, one with a 50 euro note in. The one with no money in was chosen
  • The assistant guessed the amount of money I had in my pockets
  • He predicted who had drawn which picture out of 4 volunteers
  • He revealed some writing and numbers on a scroll at the end of the show which matched a newspaper cutting a lady made on stage