What Are You Not Seeing?

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“What one has never properly realized, one cannot properly be said to remember either.” Eustace H. Miles

Most people go around in a daydream like state not really paying attention to what’s going on around them. You don’t have to be like that. Here are 4 exercises to improve your powers of observation today.

Exercise 1: Remember Items in a Room

  • If you are in a familiar room right now take a piece of paper, and without looking around, list everything in the room. Write down everything you can think of, describe the entire room in detail. List every piece of furniture, electricals, pictures, decorations.
  • Now, look around the room and check your list. Notice all the things you did not put down on your list, or never really observed, although you see them all the time.
  • Now take a closer look round. Step out of the room and test yourself once more. Your list should now be longer.
  • Try the same thing with other rooms in your home. If you keep practicing, your observation will become keener.

Exercise 2: Remember a Friend’s Face

  • Think of someone you know very well. Picture his or her face and see if you can describe the face on paper. List everything you can remember. Go into detail: list hair and eye colour, complexion, outstanding features, whether or not they wear glasses, what type of glasses, type of nose, ears, eyes, mouth, forehead, approximate height and weight etc.
  • The next time you see this person, check. Note the things you didn’t observe and those you observed incorrectly. Then try it again! You will rapidly improve.

Exercise 3: Remember a Stranger’s Face

  • A good way to practice this is on the bus or train. Choose someone and look at them for a moment, close your eyes and try to mentally describe every detail of this person’s face. Pretend that you are a witness at a criminal investigation, and your description is of utmost importance.
  • Look at the person again and check. You’ll find your observation improving each time you try it.

Exercise 4: The Shop Window

  • One last suggestion: Look at any shop window display and try to observe everything in it.
  • List all the items without looking at the display and go back to check. Note the items you left out and try it again.
  • When you think you’ve become proficient at it, try remembering the prices of the items as well.

Credit: Harry Lorayne, How to Develop A SUPER-POWER MEMORY. To download the ebook go to the books page.

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